Cultur'dough Cookies: The Story Behind the Flavours

For me, it's about a lot more than cookies. There's something different that you will taste with Cultur'dough Cookies and it goes a little bit like this...

I don't consider myself an extensive 'world traveler' per se but I have been fortunate to have visited a fair number of countries and parts of the world. Among my travels, I've been attracted and fascinated to the ways in which food and flavours play an interesting role in defining a place, and its culture. Because of this, I have been inspired to create something a little different.

The thing is, we all have stories about where we've been, and we always bring with us something from those places. Some call it baggage. Others call it experience. Whatever you decide to call it, it shapes and defines you.

Cultur'dough Cookies represents a recognition and celebration of these places and a reminder of these stories. The place you call home, where you come from, somewhere you have visited, the country that you lived in for a year or two, or perhaps the place you dream of visiting one day. With Cultur'dough Cookies, you can taste it, relive or experience it, authentically.

Cultur'dough Cookies celebrates and shares the diverse flavours of our world. Some you might know, others might be new and exciting. Either way, Cultur’dough Cookies will take you on a flavourful journey around the world. Each of my cookies has unique ingredients, with specific spices and blends of flavours chosen to create something different. 

My aim is that your taste buds will experience real, delicious and authentic, worldly-inspired flavours, and that you'll feel good in doing so.