The Story

For us, it's about a lot more than delicious cookies. It goes a little bit like this...

I am not a 'world traveller' per se but I have visited a number of countries & different parts of the world. As a result, I've developed an enjoyment from being in new environments & cultures. In visiting a new place, I am, to some extent introverted so I usually prefer watching and observing these new cultures. I've been able to see how food & flavours are integral parts of culture. This has inspired me to create something that celebrates these flavours from around the world.

And so I give you, Cultur'dough Cookies, a brand aimed at letting you experience flavours from around the world. This means getting in touch with your roots, with the places you've visited or those you dream of visiting. Cultur'dough Cookies give you cookies that authentically represent these places, and share with you flavours from around the world. . 

Our cookies are made with real ingredients to create flavours that taste really different. Take some time to enjoy Cultur’dough Cookies and you will surely get in touch with flavours & vibes from around the world; an experience you can enjoy equally by yourself or with others.