Shipping & Local Pick-up Info

Cookies are precious. This also means that they aren't the easiest thing to ship country-wide. I do my best to take care of them for you.

Local Pick-up (Montreal): Generally, Monday through Friday (afternoons or evenings) and weekends are all good times to pick up your cookies. I live in Verdun. Come and visit, and get yourself some delicious cookies! Sometimes, I am wandering the city and can meet you at a pre-determined location. Feel free to contact me to arrange the smoothest cookies delivery possible.

Shipping (Elsewhere in Canada): So far, my best plan of attack to minimize lag time on those "non-business days" is shipping an order on the Monday after the order is made. Contact me directly if this doesn't fly with you. Generally, after they are shipped, the package will arrive between 3-7 business days, although there are many variables affecting this. I am doing my best to make friends with the post office staff to reduce this time a bit ;).